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Industry Management Practices
The Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association is the voice of cattle feeders in the province of Alberta. We address feedlot, market, trade, and competitive issues and provide a forum for policy development. Through an open and transparent process, the ACFA welcomes the bridging of partnerships to move the industry forward. 
Cattle feeders know change is a constant in their industry. They understand it's part of the vitality of the business and are dedicated to the growth of the cattle feeding sector and the future of the beef cattle industry.
Alberta cattle feeders excel in their profession by:
  • Feeding cattle with a focus on animal health, nutrition, and well being 
  • Being flexible and feeding for specific markets
  • Procuring a variety of weights and classes of cattle and thereby supporting the entire cow calf and yearling industries
  • Buying feed grain and co-product from a variety of sources, enabling these industries to enjoy alternate markets for product
Leaders in Technology 
Alberta feedlot operators are leaders in the adoption and adaptation of technology.
  • Sophisticated record keeping for real-time status and analysis
  • Animal ID systems for tracking and trace-back
  • Ultrasound as a management tool for body composition assessment
  • Genetic testing for key traits of economic importance
Cattle feeders are also research leaders continually participating in research studies and projects to strengthen the beef industry. 
The Alberta cattle feeding industry is dynamic and fluid with an ability to quickly respond to market signals and manage investment risk. As a major employer, they are the backbone of many rural communities and the leaders on agricultural policy and regulation. Most importantly, they are the main stage producers of high quality, safe food with an environmental consciousness.
The ACFA strives to provide a secure business environment for the cattle feeding industry. To learn more about cattle feeding in Alberta and the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association click on the links below or contact us.